How Does It Work

Legalcopy provides a one stop solution for individuals who would like to pass on their legacy to their loved ones

We achieve this through thoughtfully designed online storage combined with high security and availability only for those you have designated. Read to on to find out more:

  1. You may either store your vital information on your phone app or upload to our secure cloud.
    Tons of options available including free form, guided categories, sample will creation walkthroughs etc,
  2. Your data belongs to you and only you. Encrypted all the way through, no one can access it including us.
  3. Choose beneficiaries: You may select multiple beneficiaries per category or for all your data
  4. Select Timeline: Once you select a date, we will attempt to contact you by text, email, phone and/or mail. If we do not receive a response, your selected beneficiaries will receive secure access your data.
    Alternatively, bypassing this check, any beneficiaries will be notified of any information / messages you leave for them. This option is useful for leaving behind posthumous wishes – say for your child’s graduation